• Horizon networks offers a full line of IP phone systems,
    ranging from corded to cordless, tailored match your office size, and applications. We make it possible to choose the perfect IP phone for each office.

IP Phone Systems

Lower costs while enhancing business productivity

In today’s fast paced and ever changing business environment, small businesses find themselves faced with numerous challenges. Successful companies have realized that they need the ability to make quick decisions, have information available in real time and focus on increased productivity and cost saving measures to stay competitive.

To help reach these goals Horizon Networks offer a full line of IP phone systems, ranging from corded to cordless to match your office size, and communication needs. We make it possible to choose the best IP phone for your small business.

VoIP phone systems change standard telephone calls into digital data and deliver the voice communications over the Internet, or a network. Basically, when using a VoIP system, you are using the Internet to make telephone calls as opposed to a traditional phone line.

VOIP is an acronym which stands for “Voice Over IP”. Most of us are familiar with the “Public Switched Telephone System” (PSTN), which allows us to contact people around the globe by dialing a sequence of numbers.

VOIP phones offers an alternative  by routing digitized voice signals over IP networks, such as Company Intranets, or public internet.

Benefits of IP phone Systems:

  • IP phone systems can result in lower costs to individuals and businesses
  • IP Phone systems are Particularly beneficial to businesses with high monthly long distance charges due to calls between various company locations, or with international customers.
  • All your offices can be “linked together” to act as one large office regardless of where in the world they are located
  • Easily and economically connects home based workers
  • VoIP can often be less expensive than the installation of traditional phone systems
  • Many IP Phone Systems can be configured to meet present needs and expand as their requirments grow or change

Horizon Networks Group can offer proven solutions based on more than 20 years experience and our commitment to custom-tailoring the best IP telephone system to fit your needs and budget.

Whether you have a question about your existing Business IP telephone system, or if it’s time to consider replacing your old phone system with the latest in VOIP phone technology; we can help!

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